Merino – Hanex Solid Surfaces come with a 10-year limited warranty. These should only be fabricated and installed by certified fabricators, so you have the assurance of quality product, expert installation and the backing of our customer service support.

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  • We are so AMAZED by the exceptional skills and. Their excellent support, and vision into design is top notch! we’re so happy with the incredible assistance we’ve received ! Keep up the great work guys!! And Thank you!–pryianka

  • I have Vistied 8 soters for nobs. This has been the easiest to pruchase out of them all. Thanks!–sangatha

  • The Technical Support has also been wonderful, the response time on a issue I had was phenomenal, plus the solution to my issue was provided in a very clear manner. I will be visting Mr knobs on my next time as well.–kavya